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Originally from Toulouse and after 10 years spent in fashion photography, travelling and tasting all the great food from many countries, Jerome Navarre decided in 2005 to come back to Toulouse, to open his own restaurant, Chez Navarre, the first table d'hôtes in town.

In 2008, Chez Navarre won the “Fooding de la Meilleure Ripaille” award, and the following year the “Fooding du Meilleur Petit Luxe” award, along with his wife, Christine Pham and their Vietnamese canteen, Chez Pham.

Jerome left Toulouse 2016, to start a new adventure in Gers countryside, where he collaborated with many creatives, and embarked on various exciting food projects.

Having known each other from the early days of Chez Navarre, Marwan & Jerome’s paths crossed again in 2020 when Jerome was working in Gimont. Finally they decided to join forces and create together through the exciting Engalin project.

May this partnership last forever …

Marwan and Jeremy, over 35 years of togetherness, have always loved building and nurturing communities.

After studying medicine and achieving London finalist on television’s Masterchef, Marwan decided to turn to the hospitality industry to set up EUPHORIUM Restaurant, Bar & Bakery in Islington, London.

Eventually Marwan decided to leave the urban for rural horizons in the South West of France and bought Chateau Engalin which, at the time, was a domain in ruins.

Jeremy, Managing Director, of NorthStandard, has been central to The Engalin Project through complete commitment and devotion to the cause, without which this project would not have been possible.

Together, through renovation and innovation, they create the vision and future strategy of Engalin, which will allow a plethora of couples to forge unforgettable memories together.

Lou and Guillaume are the Engalin wedding planners, and no wedding at the Chateau happens without them.

Lou was born in London, lived in Brighton and Paris, and had a career in fashion and interior styling and trend prediction. She then moved to the West coast of France, Biarritz, and worked as a menswear designer in the surf industry. In 2016 she set up French-Bague-ette to provide anglophone couples wishing to get married in France, the most exceptional planning service. Her ever growing black-book is second to none with all the most exciting, on-trend suppliers.

Guillaume joined the world of weddings in 2020 and was trained by Lou assisting on all weddings at Chateau Engalin in the 2022 season. He has now founded Beyond The Pines Weddings and works at Engalin as well as other exceptional venues.

Lou & Guillaume guide, advise and support you throughout planning and designing the wedding, and they are there on the day to coordinate, run and style your entire wedding weekend. This means you can relax and enjoy the process and the bespoke wedding service you are getting.

Hand painted wall murals, Venetian glass chandeliers, Artworks, Sculptural Installations.

The new irrigated green lawns in our courtyard house the taupe Bedouin tent for indoor/ outdoor dining under festoon lights.

Fixed ambient sound systems have been installed in the Pool Deck, Pool Bar, Gallery & Gallery Terrace. Portable Sound systems for speeches. Bose speakers for the dancefloor. Disco lights and lasers in The Gallery.

New and improved full bars with air-conditioning for the Pool Bar and in The Gallery. A new reception space within the chateau.

New toys for the chef! From which you will benefit!

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An Exciting, Theatrical & Extravagant Wedding & Party Venue in South West France

Thank you for considering Chateau Engalin for your destination wedding. This brochure should answer all of your questions in the following chapters...

1 manifesto

Raison d'etre

A letter from Marwan

Welcome to Chateau Engalin, a ‘food-centric’ party domain dedicated to forging unforgettable celebratory events. Together with my life partner Jeremy, we have invested 20 years of our lives creating Engalin, the brand, to present on the world stage. A place for curating togetherness with people from all over the world.

Through our innovative hub, we invest in artists, artisans and local Occitanie producers to revive, connect and reimagine the rural Gers manifesting a new community.
The team and the community are pivotal to Chateau Engalin today.

Come marry, feast, party, rest and play at Chateau Engalin.

Marwan Badran x

(Chateau Owner, Creative Director)


2 what we do

Chateau Wedding Venues South of France, Chateau Engalin elegant garden grounds
Stylish bride and groom confetti exit from their unique wedding ceremony at Chateau Engalin
Wedding and party venue south west France, outdoor pool party wedding reception
Chateau Engalin a four day wedding celebration venue in France

This is a four day
wedding story

We offer a spectrum of unforgettable spaces to marry, party, dine, relax and sleep. Our chefs and sommelier have curated an unforgettable feasting experience and our in-house wedding planning team design, plan and style to bring together the most unforgettable weekend of your lives.

The Welcome Day
The Wedding Day
The Revival BBQ
Farewell Breakfast

3 Our spaces



All of the spaces at Chateau Engalin have been imagined with your celebration in mind. Your guests are taken on a journey throughout the weekend leaving them feeling inspired, celebrated and loved. From the romantic Rose Chapel Ruins for your ceremony to the feasting terraces and onto the disco lit dance floor, each space buzzes with excitement.

Explore by Function
Explore by Name

4 our food philosophy

The Food Experience; like the art, our food evolves

Our foods are the result of a collaboration between Marwan & Jerome, who share very similar values & beliefs … Terroir Fusion Cooking: Inspired by Nature

Surrounded by our local producers, we favour freshness and seasonality to offer you a cuisine inspired by our diverse experiences, combining tradition, freedom, creativity at the intersection of our different cultures.

Set in a natural environment, our cuisine does not seek sophistication but rather the offering of relaxed meals, dishes to share, in accordance with the spirit of relaxation and conviviality that we seek to instil in our guests. Our wedding banquet feasts are served, sharing style, over candlelight. They are seasonal, generous and flavourful.

“We offer you here a valuable message. Nature reminds us every day that, to make a good soup, a good bread, a good cream, a good pâté, a good cider and a good wine, you first need a vegetable garden, a field, an orchard, a vineyard.” Jerome Navarre

5 Our drinks philosophy

Drinks Packages & Bar Menu

The drinks are as important to us as the food. We promote organic and natural wines from the region as well as some of the French classics! Our cocktail list was created with input from a world class mixologist.

Outside of packages, drinks can be bought at The Pool Bar and Gallery Bar throughout the weekend.

6 the team

The Main


Luxury wedding planning france
Marwan Bardran Chateau Engalin proprietor, goldsmith art school graduate and masterchef finalist
Jerome Navarre forward thinking chef at Chateau Engalin

the Proprietors

the planners

the chef

Marwan & Jeremy

Lou & Guillaume

Jerome Navarre

7 news

New for


David Hiscock original wall mural artwork at unique wedding venue Chateau Engalin
Modern outdoor wedding reception venue France, Chateau Engalin
Club engalin experience, vibrant party domain South West France
Theatrical wedding and party venue South West France, Chateau Engalin

Pizza Ovens
Green Egg

New Art


Courtyard & Bedouin Tent

New Sound
& Light

Two new


Jeremy Grose / Marwan Badran / Louise French / Guillaume Persin / Jerome Navarre / Alice Rangayen / Sarah Fekir / Marine Aborio / Alban & Mathius Charpentier / Giles & Rudi / Anna & David Hiscock / Romz Herron David / Ruth Nixon / Nigel John / Paco & Aga / Katy Webb / Leon Lancashire / Marine Marques/ Victoria Somerset How / Herve & Julien/ Wes / Keffer/ Yoris/ Daria Walter/ Amie Brennan / Chloé Aguilar

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