Brunch at Chateau Engalin

Sometimes you know you are going to party so hard that a bowl of granola the following morning just won’t cut the mustard. For those occasions, you need something to sustain you for the day ahead. What you need is BRUNCH.

Curate brunch from
Kedgeree with smoked fish, Padron peppers & soft-boiled egg
Shakshuka, poached eggs in slow-cooked tomatoes & red peppers
Fried eggs, black pudding & crispy bacon
Vegetable frittata of potatoes, spinach and ewe’s milk cheese
Slow roast, vegan ratatouille
Baked chard, beans & nut crumble
Croissants, pastries, home-made preserves & local honey
Fruit and regional cheeses
Fizz/Bucks Fizz/Bloody Mary