“To cook well you need good ingredients, a palace, a heart and some friends”  Anon

terroir fusion cuisine

Food at Engalin celebrates the intense pleasure to be had from the simple act of eating good food with good friends. The chateau’s signature cuisine – terroir fusion – takes the very best of local produce and traditions, and lifts and lightens it with the flavours, tastes and practices of other cultures. This intelligent, open-minded alchemy creates a feast for every one of your senses. It seduces with luscious, voluptuous textures; exotic, tantalising smells; bright, gem-like colours; and, above all, flavours that entice and delight.

Of necessity, locally-sourced food tells a different story with each passing season. It follows that terroir fusion is, literally and figuratively, not set in aspic. Tell us how you would like to personalise any dish, and we will create and interpret your story for you.


Chateau Engalin team

Marwan Badran Chateau Engalin

MARWAN, FOOD ARTIST, FOUNDER and model of queer excellence, was born in Baghdad to a Lebanese/Palestinian father and an Indian/Portuguese mother. A passion for all things foodie took him to the finals of MasterChef and the opening of his restaurant EUPHORIUM in Islington. The restaurant was immediately shortlisted for the Time Out Restaurant of the Year Award.

His cooking is as racy as his DNA and, like him, embraces the best of all cultures. He is the alchemist turning the base metal of fresh, local ingredients into the feast of pure gold on your plate. Just don’t say ‘catering’.

Marwan would love to claim all the credit but, behind the scenes, his COLLABORATOR and muse, Annie Nichols, is effervescing with ideas, busy testing experimental dishes and refining old ones, and, above all, making it new.

Annie completed a Fine Arts degree at Central Saint Martin’s, and synthesized her knowledge of contemporary art with her love of food to become a chef, food stylist and cookery writer. Marwan thinks of her as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice but she’s really running the show. Don’t tell.

Nazir ensures that the chateau is held together and that the grounds don’t turn into a wilderness unless that’s the desired effect. Caretaker doesn’t describe a fraction of the work he undertakes as taxi-driver, dragoman, GARDENER and sage.

Nazir doesn’t understand why anyone would want to put such strange furniture in the chateau and keeps his views on the artworks to himself. People seem to like it though and, so long as nobody drives over the permaculture flower bed, he’s happy.