Stop what you are doing, clear your mind, and imagine

It is midday on the eve of your wedding. The sun is high in the cloudless sky as you sweep into the drive scattering woodpigeons. There is excitement, fun and fuss as luggage is unpacked, lost, and found again. The cool as you enter the chateau embraces you and your heart beats to a slower tempo. You throw open the shutters of your room. A young child dances in the chequered shade of the terrace. Excited voices come and go. Someone plunges into the pool. You drink in the soft air, and your eye catches a shallow brook and an aged oak. The daylight gradually begins to fail. You are hungry, and it is time to eat. In flickering candlelight, the table groans with sumptuous dishes that are worthy of a Caravaggio. Plates are filled, friend passes dish to friend, wine is taken, and laughter keeps breaking in. You are tired. The wind in the aged oak lulls you to sleep. Tomorrow, in this place, at this time, your heart will have the freedom to dance.

Louise French Bague Ette

Louise French – Lou to everyone who knows her – will be your first point of contact at Chateau Engalin in order to find out exactly how you imagine your wedding day. Lou set up her WEDDING CONSULTANCY, French-Bague-ette, several years ago after a career in trend forecasting and styling. Her Rolodex is now full of all the best vendors and most creative suppliers in the region. Lou is there to support, guide and advise you, and make it all happen beautifully and seamlessly.

‘Une bague’ by the way, is French for ring. Comme Lou, c’est charmant non?

The eighteenth century chapel in the grounds of the chateau is now a picturesque ruin in which to MARRY.  The Romanesque bell tower survives, as do two of the beautiful stone walls.  It is bare, austere even, and has been carefully restored to preserve its simple beauty.  It can be garlanded with spring flowers or, in the early evening dusk, lit with lanterns. It is an intimate, secluded setting for the vows you will exchange.

Cooking done with this much care is an act of love. To FEAST at Engalin is to celebrate every drop of pleasure to be squeezed out of life. The very act of sharing brings people together. It is deadly serious food with a wicked sense of humour. Expect flavour, freshness, wit, drama and decadence, all delivered con brio by the Sorcerer Cook, Marwan. This isn’t food as theatre, it is feasting as grand opera. Try everything.

Engalin surrounds you with space and light and air. The Glass Barn is a vast airy expanse – an architect’s dream of clean lines and functional materials. The Refectory, as its name suggests, echoes the cool interior of a white-washed Tuscan monastery. Gather on sun-baked terraces; idle by the pool; CELEBRATE by throwing open the porte-fenêtres to the sunshine and cool breezes of the Gers countryside, then dance like nobody’s watching.

After a good wine, a good pillow – as the locals say. Suites at Engalin provide the simple comforts you would expect and many luxuries that you might not. It is about sinking into the embrace of crisp, cotton bedlinen in the quiet of your room; the smell of Petit Marseillais soap taking you back to childhood holidays; and a lit candle casting a warm glow over the books by your bedside. A sanctuary of calm after the drama. SLEEP well and sweet dreams.